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דרכון פורטוגלי
דרכון פורטוגלי
אייבי קניות, אי ביי ישראל
אמריקן לייזר טבריה טלפון, אמריקן לייזר טלפון תל אביב, אמריקן לייזר חיפה

PERSPECTIVE ON GOVERNMENT Our Political Process Suits the 18th Century Technology has changed but decision-making has not. Our out-of-sync `democracy’ is slow, costly and exclusionary.

Posted on May 15th, 1992 by floraschnall // Articles // 5 Comments

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News flashes across the planet in seconds. Electronic transfer zips billions of dollars from continent to continent in minutes. Entire professions and industries and nations dis-exist and coalesce overnight. The world is streaming ahead faster and faster-but the American election process creeps along slower and slower. We are in the middle of another volatile election […]