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The Futurist: FM-2030

Posted on September 15th, 2000 by floraschnall // Press & Reviews // Comments Off on The Futurist: FM-2030

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Two months ago I received word that an old and valued acquaintance had died. He was the futurist author, F.M. Esfandiary — who in the mid-1970’s– had legally changed his name to FM-2030. He was, he said, “a 21st Century person who was accidentally launched in the 20th.” He confessed to having “a deep nostalgia […]

A Tribute to FM-2030

Posted on September 2nd, 2000 by floraschnall // Press & Reviews // Comments Off on A Tribute to FM-2030

The visions of the future held by FM-2030 were strong. So strong and so positive, perhaps, that they might have almost been paralyzing to most of those who read what he wrote and heard what he said. For decades, those who followed him saw the future unfolding just as he told them it might. Yet […]